Beautifully simple design

Ember is simple and elegant. No buttons
or complicated instructions.


The right temperature faster

The average serving temperature for coffee is 160℉/71℃ (scalding) yet the average preferred drinking temperature is around 135℉/57℃. With Ember, you can select the exact temperature you prefer between 120℉ and 145℉. The Ember mug will rapidly cool your hot coffee or tea down to the temperature you choose and then hold it there for hours on end.


475 grams


12 fluid ounces / 350mL

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The lid

Specially designed to feel like you’re drinking from a ceramic mug, with a perfect lip interface and a 360° drinking experience. Ember’s lid is engineered with an open design to allow for easy cleaning.
Ember was designed by Ammunition Group, the same team that designed the Beats by Dre headphones.

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